wine notes

What A Year!

Biggest news of 2018 was Flywheel’s moving it’s production from San Francisco to Castroville! We’re so excited to be closer to the vineyards, back in Scott’s home county, and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Monterey Bay Area. We’d been making our wines in SF since our first vintage in 2012, and while we still love the City - which is Laura’s home county, it’s been a lot of fun changing things up and prowling around in the great communities of the Monterey Penninsula and beyond.

Harvest was thankfully quite late in 2018, which really made a difference as we tried to move everything in and get things up and running ahead of first fruit and our first Crush in the new facility. The season was cool, with no heat spikes around Harvest to speak of, which made for great flavor development with lovely balance. We’re looking forward to watching the wines develop, and while it’s a little preemptive, we’re already getting excited for the 2019 Vintage!

More updates soon!

All the Best,